Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Top 5 'Top Fives'

Top 5 "New York" Moments:
5. The shouts of "Shut-up" from windows as a man walked down the street yelling at 5am.
4. Riding in a cab at 55mph down 5th Ave ("The Express" our cab driver joked, as we all tried to get our heart rates back to a normal level.)
3. The chorus of profanity that followed a Mets fan in Yankee Stadium
2. Encountering a film set on a random street on our way to dinner.
1. Being packed like sardines on the D train after a Yankee game. There's nothing like getting up close and personal with a bunch of drunk New Yorkers.

Top 5 Food Moments:
5. First meal in NYC at French Roast. We were all so hungry I don't think it would have mattered what we ate, but it sure was good.
4. Falafel at Murray's
3. Chocolate mousse at Bouchon--to die for!
2. Dinner with Bob and Pat at a tiny Italian restaurant in the Village.
1. 7-course meal at Gramercy Tavern. U n b e l i e v a b l e .

Top 5 Most Disgusting Moments:
5. The lady on our plane who repeatedly licked every part of her hummus container.
4. The nasty sewer smell that assaults your nostrils without warning.
3. Watching the Yankees destroy the Mariners.
2. See #1--it was so disgusting that it counts twice.
1. The sound of repeated vomitting coming from the man near us in the ER. I still have nightmares about this!

Top 5 Absolute Best Things:
5. Visiting the spot in Central Park where we were engaged.
4. Seeing an incredible off-Broadway play and getting to meet the actors.
3. Our walk from the Upper West Side down to Times Square our first night in the city.
2. Seeing baseball at Yankee Stadium.
1. Waking up every morning and walking to the corner deli for bagels & coffee.

Top 5 Photos: