Monday, July 30, 2012

On the Coast

We've just returned home from our annual camping trip on the Oregon Coast. We had such a fun time! Lots of bike riding, baseball playing, food eating, sightseeing and general fun was had. I barely took my camera out (shame on me!) but I did bring it to the beach and captured some great memories.

Here are the boys in front of the Peter Iredale shipwreck:


Writing names in the sand:

The Kaetzel Boys:

I love this photo of Jack:

Father and Son:

It's amazing how much the shipwreck has changed over the years:

Shortly after we got there, we met up with the boys' cousins. Love seeing them all together!

Another shot of a very happy Jack. He loved the beach.

I told them to look tough. Mark needs a little work on his menacing looks I think!

My nephew, Blake. I love this photo of him.

Best buds hangin' on the beach:
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A Ride on the Great Wheel

A couple weekends ago we took the boys and their cousin, Blake, for a ride on the Great Wheel. It was a lot of fun and even though it was pricey, I'd say it was worth it. We certainly won't be doing it often, but I'm glad we went. If you plan to go, I highly recommend purchasing tickets online prior to going. It saved us about 30 minutes in line.


Such fun!
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Monday, July 2, 2012


This morning the boys and I went downtown and played "City Bingo", which is just a game I made up to keep them occupied while we're down there. They love going into the city, but they get tired and bored with all the necessary walking. This worked perfectly! They had an absolute blast playing along.

I started by making Bingo cards with terrible drawings, but the kids got the point. I put all kinds of things on there that I was sure we would see, but we ended up missing a couple. Seriously Seattle, is everyone too hip to play the guitar these days? We saw every kind of street musician you could imagine, except guitar.

I then had the boys color their cards, which helped pass the time while waiting for a reasonable hour to head downtown. Jack was up at 5:20am today, so I had some time to kill.

Max made a little mini-board for Jack. It was the sweetest thing.

Downtown and ready to go!

Quick stop to check out the new Great Wheel. The boys wanted to ride it but it wasn't open and by the time we got back around to that area the line was huge! We'll just have to save that for another adventure.

While looking for the "Blue Trees" at Westlake, the boys cozied up to some rather creepy sculptures.

Blue Trees!

After lunch (packed, to try to keep the cost of this little jaunt to a minimum which is hardly possible when street parking is $4/hr! Again, seriously Seattle??) we stopped in at the Dilettante Cafe for some ridiculously large pieces of cake.

On a bathroom break we fortunately happened upon a carousel, which allowed the boys to cross off the horse on their cards. These count, right?

What a fun-filled day!
I love summer.
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