Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting Excited

The Farm Chicks Antiques Show - June 5 and 6 at the Spokane Fairgrounds

...and I'm not even sure if we're going yet. (But really, how could we not?)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Salt, Pepper, Macaroni

Gus (whining): Max is doing it and I want to.
Me: Doing what?
Gus (rolling around on the ground): A salt-pepper-macaroni.
Ama: What's a "salt-pepper-macaroni?"
Me: I have no idea. Maybe it's something Max learned in gym class.
Gus: Maaaax! Come here! Do a salt-pepper-macaroni!
Max: Uh...I have no idea what Gus is talking about.
Me: What were you just doing?
Max: Somersaults.
Gus: Yeah, a salt-pepper-macaroni. I wanna do dat.

I will never call them somersaults again. Too cute!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Potty Ladder

Gus is potty-training. (Can I just say that I really hate potty-training) To encourage his potty use, I created a "potty ladder" and every time he uses the potty, he adds a sticker to the ladder until they reach the star. Once they get all the way to the top, Gus gets a new toy. Yesterday he filled his first ladder so we headed to the Disney Store where he chose a Buzz & Woody soccer ball. He was so proud. He's already got 4 stickers on his new ladder, so we're getting there.

As a side note, you may notice that Gus looks a bit worse-for-the-wear in this photo. We like to call him "Battle-Damaged Gus", after one of Max's action figures (Battle-Damaged Darth Vader). He's taken a couple nasty falls and had a bad cold this week so he looks pretty terrible. He's a trooper though.

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Go Marlins!

Max had his first T-Ball practice tonight. He was so excited and he had a blast.

Here's his first team huddle:

When he came home he immediately wanted to try on his uniform. I got a bit teary-eyed looking at him. My boy in T-Ball! How did he grow up so fast?

Here he is demonstrating his "ready position" where he's prepared to "vacuum" the ball up:

I can't wait to watch one of his actual games.
Go Marlins!!
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Port Angeles or Bust!

This past weekend we took Jack up to his Mom-Mom & Grandad's house for the very first time.
He seemed to love his first ferry ride:
And he certainly was a happy boy when Mom-Mom was talking to him and playing with him. Just look at that sweet smile!
Max & Gus had a great time helping Grandad build a couple bird houses:
Gus was most excited about the piece of scrap wood he was allowed to play with:

Max being silly in the shop:

Working hard:

Gus loves playing "monster" in this mask. He also did rather normal things in it, like sit and watch cartoons. Not sure how that was comfortable!
Grandad made a trail for the boys to "hike" that led from the RV to the house:

These boys sure had a fun time!

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My Three Sons

I love these 3 pictures because I feel like they sum up the boys' personalities so perfectly:

Jack and his adorability (is that a word? You know what I mean...his ability to be so incredibly adorable):

Gus & his joy & excitement:

Max and his quirky coolness:

Each so different, each so sweet. I am so blessed to be their mama.
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Side View

Here's a look at the birthday gift I made for my friend Jessica:

They are silohuettes of her 3 darling children, Mac, Eva and Pearl. They were super easy to make. I'm hoping to do some of my own kids, although I worry that they would all look like the same person!
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Smart Boy

This is the face of a genius:

"Why?" you ask.
I'm still trying to figure out exactly how a kid who's been pooping on the potty for over a year suckered me into promising him ice cream for doing just that this week. After changing 3 dirty diapers in a week, I was ready to promise anything.
In the palm of his hand...
apparently that's where I'm residing these day.
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Cute Boys

Take a peek at Jack and Tate hanging out together on the couch. Does it get any cuter than that?

Tate is my dear friend Annie's little boy.

He's 4 weeks younger than Jack.

I think they're going to be good buddies someday.
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