Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To-Do Lists

This morning the boys made Summer To-Do Wishlists. They came up with all the ideas on their own and they are so cute.

Here's Max's:
-Go to the Disney Store to buy a Zurg toy and army guy tank toy.
-Go to Target to get a batting glove and baseball shoes.
-Do something special with Mommy.
-Play a board game.
-Have a playdate with Mac.
-Have a playdate with my cousins.
-Have a playdate with Noah.
-Play in the yard.
-Go to a Mariners game.

And Gus':
-Make bread.
-Play with Blake, but not the girls.
-Play with Jack.
-Go to Taco del Mark.
-Go to the toy store.
-Go to the zoo and see owls.
-Go to church.
-Get a big Yoshi toy.
-Make more bread.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Best. Nap. Ever.

So today while I was nursing Jack down for a nap, I told Gus to have some "binky time", which is just code for "take a nap" since he's only allowed to have his binky in bed. He asked if he could sleep on my bed and I told him that was fine. He excitedly grabbed his binky, went into my room and closed the door. When I opened the door to check on him, this is what I found:

Yes indeed, that is a laundry bin that Gus is sleeping in. I could barely keep myself from exploding with laughter while I took the photo. He slept there for about 45 minutes.
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Backyard Boys

The boys have been loving the backyard lately. It's so nice just to put out a blanket and lay with Jack while the older boys play. I snapped these photos yesterday while Max was at Day Camp. Gus was playing in the sprinkler and Jack and I were just hanging out together, enjoying the summer.

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Swing Kid

Check out Jack swinging in the backyard for the first time. He loved it!

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Look What I Made!

Gus LOVES to help. If there's a project of any kind happening at our house, Gus is right in the middle of it. Last weekend was no different...when Mark went to put together our new outdoor table, Gus jumped right in and got to work.

When I say he gets right in the middle, sometimes I mean that literally!

The finished product:

Good work, Gus! (And Daddy too!)
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Yee Haw!

Last week Max was in a western-themed Vacation Bible School and asked if he could wear a bandana one morning. I didn't have any bandanas, but luckily I had these western-looking cloth napkins that I'd bought at a yard sale 5 years ago for Max's 1st birthday party. Of course Gus had to have one too and then both boys decided they needed hats and boy did they look cute!

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Gus' Extra Special Time

We left Gus a couple extra days at Mark's parents for some "Special Gus Time" and he had a blast. He spent most of his time with the neighbors animals.

Here he is feeding a llama:

And a poodle:

This is his favorite dog, Rocco. Gus like to call him "Rocco Taco". They took a lot of walks together:

And spent some time just playing too:

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Salt Creek

We spent an afternoon at Salt Creek while we were visiting Mark's parents and it was such a cool place. I'm looking forward to actually camping there sometime. There's so much to do and the view is amazing.

Jack enjoyed sitting in the grass and playing with Mom-Mom:

Max enjoyed playing baseball in the big field:

So did Gus:

We would have enjoyed the tide pools a bit more if the tide hadn't been so far in, but it was still really neat:
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Going for a Ride

On a recent trip to visit Mark's parents, the boys were thrilled to get to take a ride in the Gator. It belongs to their neighbor, Frank, who was kind enough to let the boys take it out for a spin. Both boys even got a turn at the wheel. Such fun!

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Jack is loving solid food! Here he is having a good ol' time eating yummy snow peas that were delivered fresh in our farm box. What a good boy eating his green veggies!

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Les Artistes

One of our favorite local spots, the Olympic Sculpture Park, has these really cool drawing easels/benches with art supplies and paper out for anyone to use. The boys loved it!

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Oh how I loved the boys overgrown, shaggy mop-tops, but alas, the summer heat was making them miserable, so they finally got haircuts.

Here's a peek at them just before the cuts:

And here's the after shots:

They look adorable, but I can't wait for all that hair to grow back!
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Daddy, can you get my vampire teeth? They're in the bathtub."