Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To-Do Lists

This morning the boys made Summer To-Do Wishlists. They came up with all the ideas on their own and they are so cute.

Here's Max's:
-Go to the Disney Store to buy a Zurg toy and army guy tank toy.
-Go to Target to get a batting glove and baseball shoes.
-Do something special with Mommy.
-Play a board game.
-Have a playdate with Mac.
-Have a playdate with my cousins.
-Have a playdate with Noah.
-Play in the yard.
-Go to a Mariners game.

And Gus':
-Make bread.
-Play with Blake, but not the girls.
-Play with Jack.
-Go to Taco del Mark.
-Go to the toy store.
-Go to the zoo and see owls.
-Go to church.
-Get a big Yoshi toy.
-Make more bread.

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