Monday, September 15, 2008

Morning Dude

Yesterday there was a pretty heavy morning dew so all the outside toys were wet. When we went out to play, Max headed over to a tricycle that he wanted to ride. He felt the seat and said 'Oh, this is all covered in dude.' Man I love that kid.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Robot Kids

How cute are these kids?? The sweet girls in the middle are Matilda and Emslie, two good friends. They showed up in their robot jammies Friday night and Max insisted that he & Gus immediately get in their robot jammies too. Max didn't seem to mind that his didn't actually match. After all, a robot is a robot, right?

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Farm Tots!

This past Friday we went to Farm Tots with good friends Annie & Nina. Farm Tots takes place at the South 47 Farm and is so much fun! Each week is a different theme...our theme was 'potatoes'. The kids learned all about potatoes, did an art project, took a hayride, fed pygmy goats & alpacas and got to dig in the garden & take home their very own potatoes. All the kids (and moms!) had a great time. Why didn't we do this all summer? Next year for sure.

Max's First Day of Preschool!

Max started preschool this month and he is doing so well. He loves it which is such a blessing! On his first day he asked us 'are you going to leave me at preschool' to which Mark replied 'yes' and Max said 'i would looove for you to leave me there!' Sure enough, when we got there he went right in with no trouble. When we picked him up that afternoon he was playing off by himself, as we expected. The next afternoon, however, I couldn't find him and it was because he was right in the middle of a big group of kids in the sandbox. I was so happy to see him interacting so well with other kids. The changes we've seen in him in just 2 weeks have been amazing & I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

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Annual Vacation - Part 3

Fun times were had riding silly rides, eating ice cream, playing skee ball and visiting the historic military fort. We accidentally happened upon a Civil War re-enactment which was pretty fascinating. Those people really get into that stuff! I'd definitely say this was our most successful vacation yet and I can't wait until next year!

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Annual Vacation - Part 2

A new tradition is heading out to Camp 18 for breakfast. This restaurant is incredible. It's a huge log building with all kinds of crazy old machinery outside. The kids probably played out there for at least an hour. So fun!

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Annual Vacation - Part 1

We took our annual Labor Day weekend vacation to the Oregon Coast and were lucky enough this year to go for 6 days! The first 2 days were just our family and then we were joined by the rest of the crew, which has grown to 20 people! This was Gus' first time on the beach as a full-on toddler and he LOVED it. In fact, he loved it a little too much--he had no fear of the water and would bolt for it the second we set foot on the sand. He'd run straight for the waves and it freaked me out! I have no pictures of him playing near the water because I was too busy trying to keep him safe. But you can see the after photo below of him all wet in his stroller. Max still has no desire to get near the water, although he did great this year playing near the ocean, building sand castles. Definite progress.

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