Sunday, September 14, 2008

Annual Vacation - Part 1

We took our annual Labor Day weekend vacation to the Oregon Coast and were lucky enough this year to go for 6 days! The first 2 days were just our family and then we were joined by the rest of the crew, which has grown to 20 people! This was Gus' first time on the beach as a full-on toddler and he LOVED it. In fact, he loved it a little too much--he had no fear of the water and would bolt for it the second we set foot on the sand. He'd run straight for the waves and it freaked me out! I have no pictures of him playing near the water because I was too busy trying to keep him safe. But you can see the after photo below of him all wet in his stroller. Max still has no desire to get near the water, although he did great this year playing near the ocean, building sand castles. Definite progress.

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