Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gus' secret identity

Gus put on these glasses yesterday and Max started running around the house excitedly yelling, "It's Peter Parker! It's Peter Parker!" who, if you don't know, is Spiderman's secret identity. It seriously made Max's day. Personally, I was thinking more, "It's Harry Potter! It's Harry Potter!" but we're not quite there yet in our knowledge of literary characters.

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Like Father, Like Son

Oh man, this picture makes me laugh. Look at the expressions on Max and Mark's faces. They are identical, down to the raised left eyebrows. So classic.

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Trip to Port Angeles

This past weekend we enjoyed a lovely trip over to Port Angeles to visit Mark's parents. Here's a couple things we enjoyed.
A nice relaxing campfire:
Gus really got into roasting marshmallows:
I love this picture because I told Gus his marshmallow was on fire and he needed to help blow it out and he then attempted to blow out the actual campfire instead:
Gus enjoying the end result:

Max gets in on the s'more action too:

Max told us he wanted to go for a hike, so Grandad had hiking sticks ready for each of the boys. They came complete with bells to warn animals we were coming, although Grandad said they were more for looks since the boys are loud enough to scare off any animals themselves. =)

Here's Gus with his walking stick:

Heading into the woods:

At our destination, the creek:

Max checking out the creek:
Mother and Son:

Gus got totally freaked out on the way back when a bug flew in his eye (I think it was probably a gnat). After that he only wanted me to carry him. I did okay for awhile but it was an uphill climb and finally he agreed to let Grandad carry him. Then of course Max wanted to be carried, so the end of the hike looked like this:

And after that, Daddy looked like this:

Great weather, fun activities, delicious food and time with family.
A wonderful weekend all around.

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