Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hello, Deer

Meet the newest member of our household:

Our dear friend, Brian, gave us this wonderful painting before he and his wife, Amber, headed to Ohio where Brian will be getting his MFA in glassblowing. I commented to Mark just the other day that it was very fitting that we've added yet another male to our household.

Come on by sometime and say 'hello, deer.'
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Camp 18: Outside

The best part about Camp 18 is all the cool stuff to check out outside.

I love, love, love this photo of the boys!

Here's Max and Sasquatch:

Jack thinks Camp 18 is fun too!

Max got an official Indiana Jones hat (thanks Ama & Papa!) and was a true adventurer, climbing all over the wooden structures:
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Camp 18!

We made our traditional trek to our favorite breakfast spot on the coast, Camp 18. Such delicious food!

Jacks says, "Give me the check."

"What? I didn't say I was going to pay it. I just want to eat it"

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Camping Buddies

Year 31 of Boster/Johnson camping just took place and what a week we had! We now have 9 kids ages 10 to 8 months which makes for busy and exciting days filled with lots of games, laughter and, of course, dirt.

Every year we celebrate all the kids' birthdays in one fell swoop. Check them out blowing out their birthday candles:

Here's Brenden, Sofie and Gus being silly. Gus has temporarily (we hope!) replaced a smile with a tongue which all the other kids thought was pretty hilarious.

Cousins and friends:

The kids spent all-day playing in the street. Hours of baseball, lightsaber battles, chalk art, bike name it, they played it. What blessed kids to have such amazing friends. The best part is that all the kids think we're related and really, in our hearts we are.
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Handsome Boys

A couple weeks ago our dear friends Paul & Charity got married. Max was the ring bearer and he looked so handsome in his suit. I didn't get any ceremony pictures, but hopefully we'll get some from other people. Here's a few pictures I took of the boys before the ceremony began:

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