Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Amber and Keagan

A couple days after Christmas, my cousin Amber and her family came for a visit. Her son Keagan is a month older than Jack.

Here are the boys together:

All the cousins (except Gus, who was being stubborn)

My cousin Amber with a quilt that my mom and her friend Diane put together for her. The panels are all Amber's drawings that my grandmother had been embroidering over the years. She didn't quite finish before she died, so my mom finished for her. I think it turned out beautifully.

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For your oohing and aahing pleasure

I think the pictures speak for themselves, don't you?

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More Love For Jack

Jack meets a few more friends. Boy Jack, you are one lucky kid!



Team Moceri:



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Christmas Day

We were so grateful that Mark's family was willing to come to our house Christmas Day instead of us trying to travel to them. We had a wonderful time together...good food, gift opening, lots of laughter and of course baby cuddling. Mark was in charge of photos for the afternoon and well, he didn't really take that many but here are two that I thought were quite sweet:

Max with his Dual Action Lightsaber. Boy was he excited about this!

Aunt Olivia and cousin Tea getting some snuggle time with Jack. This was the first time they got to meet him since they were sick when he was born. He looks pretty content to be in his Auntie's arms!

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Christmas Morning

I absolutely love Christmas Morning. There is something about being all warm & cozy in our jammies, opening gifts, laughing, just being a family together...pure joy. Nothing compares to that.
The boys got a Batcave to share which has been a very interesting example of how different they are. Max loves to arrange everything "just right" and then admire it, while Gus loves to move everything around and generally destroy things. They may look alike but boy are they different!

The boys enjoying some present-opening:

Jack got these adorable knit booties & hat from Annie. So cute!

Max got his much-desired Boba Fett costume, thanks to my dear sister who drove all the way to the Lake Stevens Target to find it! Amy, you are a saint!

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Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, we headed over to my parents' house for the first of our Christmas celebrations. It is always such a wonderful time. As you can imagine, it involves a lot of chaos and excitement with all the kids, but it is so fun to watch them celebrate and make memories together.

Here's the 5 oldest cousins:

Gus - 2-1/2, Melia - 4, Sofie - almost 7, Max - 5-1/2, Blake 5-1/2

I love this photo...they did this completely on their own. They were so excited about opening their stockings this year:

Max and Blake both got Star Wars: The Clone Wars laptop games. A definite highlight for both boys!

All the boys together. Funny thing...I bought Max and Gus their pjs and Mark's mom got Jack's for him. They are almost exactly alike, and then when we saw Blake's jammies, we had to laugh that they were just like Jack's.

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