Friday, April 30, 2010

Play Ball - Part 3

Max's first hit in a T-Ball game!

Play Ball - Part 2

After our disasterous Opening Day experience, we promised the boys we'd take them to another game before season's end and give them a proper Mariners outing. That day came soon than we expected when Mark was offered 4 front row seats from Nintendo. This time we lasted all the way to the 7th inning stretch and had a wonderful time.

Here's Gus hanging out at our seats. Not bad, huh?

Max and Daddy at the game. I love that Max wore this hat instead of a baseball cap. I can't tell you how many people stopped us to comment on it.

I love this picture of Gus:

Look how close we were to the players!
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Play Ball - Part 1

Baseball has been a big deal in our house this month. We took the boys to Opening Day of the Mariners season, which was a complete disaster. $50 to park anywhere near the stadium?? What's a family with small children supposed to do? I guess we were supposed to fork over the 50 bucks. By the time we'd decided to do just that, everything was full. Poor Mark parked all the way at SAM and walked (with Jack in arms) back to Safeco Field. He was an hour late and missed all the opening festivities (which included 2 baseball songs performed by Death Cab for Cutie and the first pitch thrown out by Randy Johnson). Meanwhile, I had the 2 older boys by myself at our seats and the people behind us were so drunk (before the game even started!) and so loud that we couldn't bear to stay at our seats. By the time Mark arrived, the three of us were ready to leave. We only lasted 3 innings. Total disaster. We did, however, get a couple cute pics:

Here's the boys getting ready to head out to the game. It was cold, so I put a hat on Jack which, naturally, made the other boys "need" hats too. Max picked his T-ball cap, and Gus chose this hilarious Mario hat we got from Nintendo. Once again, a perfect demonstration of how different my boys are.

Gus at the field:

Welcome back, Randy!

Jack at his first game:

Mark and I have vowed to boycott Opening Day from now on, although those fridge magnet schedules are awfully tempting.
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Oh Boys...

Gus: "Is that dog poop?"
Me: "Um...I'm not sure."
Gus: "Should I step in it?"


Gus, pointing to a spot on Jack's playmat: "Is that spit-up?"
Me: "Either spit-up or drool probably."
Gus: "Can I touch it?"


Max: "Dad! There's a dead mouse outside and Mom won't let me look at it!"

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba Party!

Our sweet Gus turned 3 on Friday and we celebrated with a Yo Gabba Gabba party. I wanted the house to look colorful and whimsical and, thanks to the help of friends and family, I think it turned out really well. Here's a peek at the fun-filled day:
My dear friend Annie made these amazing Gabba felt flags which looked adorable across the mantle. Mark & I made faces for things like the mirror, TV, hanging lanterns, etc. since everything in Gabba Land has faces:

By a stroke of shear luck, Target's dollar bin just happened to have these little green and pink flower pots. I was already planning to have seeds for the kids to plant since Foofa loves flowers, so when I saw these I knew they would be perfect. I just painted Brobee and Foofa faces on them and put a baggie of potting soil and a packet of seeds inside for each kid to take home.
These paper lanterns were in the $1 bin at Michaels and I just added the faces. So easy!

Mark made this awesome Muno and we played "Pin the eye on Muno"

Go Max!

Here's sweet Nina picking out her bubble prize after her turn:

Annie once again came through and made this adorable Muno cake. Are you starting to see how incredibly talented she is??

Here's the birthday boy with his "Music is Awesome" birthday CD. Each family got to take one home. It was filled with Gus' favorite songs from 'Party in My Tummy' to 'Eye of the Tiger'.

Happy Birthday Gus-Gus!!

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the Kaetzel Family. I did have the boys dressed nicely in khaki pants, button-up shirts and sweater vests, but by the time I got my camera out, the scene looked like this:

Wishing you all a very happy Easter!
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Easter Morning

Here's what greeted the boys on Easter morning:

"Peepshi" (sushi made out of peeps, rice krispie treats and fruit roll ups):

Max got Indiana Jones legos and some yummy treats. Notice he's winking at me...that's his way of saying "Thanks, Mom."

Gus got Toy Story Legos and yummy treats too. They both also got little notepads so that they can pretend to be detectives:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Max Fielding the Ball

Here's Max learning to field the ball & run to third base:

Max Hitting the Ball

Check out Max's swing!

Just one of the boys

The boys and I were at Target the other day when I spotted these:

"Oooh, those are so cute!" I exclaimed.
Max, in a very disgusted voice said, "But Mom, those are girl boots."
"I know," I replied. "I am a girl, you know."
"Oh yeah," Max said with a shrug. "I forgot."