Friday, April 30, 2010

Play Ball - Part 1

Baseball has been a big deal in our house this month. We took the boys to Opening Day of the Mariners season, which was a complete disaster. $50 to park anywhere near the stadium?? What's a family with small children supposed to do? I guess we were supposed to fork over the 50 bucks. By the time we'd decided to do just that, everything was full. Poor Mark parked all the way at SAM and walked (with Jack in arms) back to Safeco Field. He was an hour late and missed all the opening festivities (which included 2 baseball songs performed by Death Cab for Cutie and the first pitch thrown out by Randy Johnson). Meanwhile, I had the 2 older boys by myself at our seats and the people behind us were so drunk (before the game even started!) and so loud that we couldn't bear to stay at our seats. By the time Mark arrived, the three of us were ready to leave. We only lasted 3 innings. Total disaster. We did, however, get a couple cute pics:

Here's the boys getting ready to head out to the game. It was cold, so I put a hat on Jack which, naturally, made the other boys "need" hats too. Max picked his T-ball cap, and Gus chose this hilarious Mario hat we got from Nintendo. Once again, a perfect demonstration of how different my boys are.

Gus at the field:

Welcome back, Randy!

Jack at his first game:

Mark and I have vowed to boycott Opening Day from now on, although those fridge magnet schedules are awfully tempting.
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