Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba Party!

Our sweet Gus turned 3 on Friday and we celebrated with a Yo Gabba Gabba party. I wanted the house to look colorful and whimsical and, thanks to the help of friends and family, I think it turned out really well. Here's a peek at the fun-filled day:
My dear friend Annie made these amazing Gabba felt flags which looked adorable across the mantle. Mark & I made faces for things like the mirror, TV, hanging lanterns, etc. since everything in Gabba Land has faces:

By a stroke of shear luck, Target's dollar bin just happened to have these little green and pink flower pots. I was already planning to have seeds for the kids to plant since Foofa loves flowers, so when I saw these I knew they would be perfect. I just painted Brobee and Foofa faces on them and put a baggie of potting soil and a packet of seeds inside for each kid to take home.
These paper lanterns were in the $1 bin at Michaels and I just added the faces. So easy!

Mark made this awesome Muno and we played "Pin the eye on Muno"

Go Max!

Here's sweet Nina picking out her bubble prize after her turn:

Annie once again came through and made this adorable Muno cake. Are you starting to see how incredibly talented she is??

Here's the birthday boy with his "Music is Awesome" birthday CD. Each family got to take one home. It was filled with Gus' favorite songs from 'Party in My Tummy' to 'Eye of the Tiger'.

Happy Birthday Gus-Gus!!

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Sara said...

I saw your party on Ohdeedoh and had to come and comment. I am totally impressed with the way you captured the fun spirit of the show without overdoing it! It looks like a perfect party for a Gabba-loving kid!