Monday, March 8, 2010

Port Angeles or Bust!

This past weekend we took Jack up to his Mom-Mom & Grandad's house for the very first time.
He seemed to love his first ferry ride:
And he certainly was a happy boy when Mom-Mom was talking to him and playing with him. Just look at that sweet smile!
Max & Gus had a great time helping Grandad build a couple bird houses:
Gus was most excited about the piece of scrap wood he was allowed to play with:

Max being silly in the shop:

Working hard:

Gus loves playing "monster" in this mask. He also did rather normal things in it, like sit and watch cartoons. Not sure how that was comfortable!
Grandad made a trail for the boys to "hike" that led from the RV to the house:

These boys sure had a fun time!

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annie said...

looks like fun! jack looks so big!