Thursday, March 18, 2010

Potty Ladder

Gus is potty-training. (Can I just say that I really hate potty-training) To encourage his potty use, I created a "potty ladder" and every time he uses the potty, he adds a sticker to the ladder until they reach the star. Once they get all the way to the top, Gus gets a new toy. Yesterday he filled his first ladder so we headed to the Disney Store where he chose a Buzz & Woody soccer ball. He was so proud. He's already got 4 stickers on his new ladder, so we're getting there.

As a side note, you may notice that Gus looks a bit worse-for-the-wear in this photo. We like to call him "Battle-Damaged Gus", after one of Max's action figures (Battle-Damaged Darth Vader). He's taken a couple nasty falls and had a bad cold this week so he looks pretty terrible. He's a trooper though.

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