Monday, October 27, 2008

Homemade Halloween

So we've been decorating the house for Halloween, but money's a bit tight for the Kaetzel Household these days, so it's all homemade. I gotta say...there's something great about everyone working together to make things festive. Have a look:

Daddy made this scary garbage-bag spider:

Mommy threw a scrap of fabric over a paper lantern, cut out some felt and -voila!- a ghost:

Max and Mommy painted pages out of the phonebook and tore them up to make a creepy Halloween wreath. Got the idea from The Crafty Crow:

Gus painted a colorful pumpkin picture. Mommy cut a pumpkin shape out of a Cheerios box, let Gus paint it and then pressed it onto paper & outlined it. Good work Gus!

Max painted this pumpkin at his Aunt Olivia's house and Mommy made the witch's broom. Broom idea from Martha Stewart.

Max and Mommy cut out these vampire bats and gave them scary (but cute) faces. They decorate our table:

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