Friday, November 14, 2008

a sunrise kind of kid

Something my mom said to me a long time ago has really stuck with me. While up in Bellingham visiting my grandmother, I called my mom & grandma into the living room to see a really beautiful sunset. My mom said to me that she was so glad she had girls who would stop and share a sunset with someone. I have never forgotten that. And I think that has really informed how I'm trying to raise my boys. So it was with pure joy in my heart this morning that I was interrupted by Max's sweet, excited voice yelling 'Sunrise! Mommy look!' We ran to the window together & marvelled at the pink sky. Then he did something even more wonderful...he asked me to put him down & pick up Gus so that he too could enjoy the sunrise. I was so grateful for this moment after the difficult couple weeks Max & I have had together. So much arguing, so much all seemed to melt away as the sun rose up and brightened our day.

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