Wednesday, March 25, 2009

California dreamin'

For Mark's birthday I surprised him with a California getaway. I prearranged childcare with the grandparents & even worked with Mark's boss to get him time off without him knowing. I was all set to wait until the very last minute to surprise him, but alas...I cannot keep a secret and told him about a week before the trip. This proved to be a very good thing since I didn't realize I had booked the trip during finals week. I don't think he would have been too happy if I sprung it on him the night before and he had to pull an all-nighter to finish his paper.

We had a lovely time despite the lack of sunshine. We did get some sun on our last day. 2 days with our dear friends the Moceris & 3 fun-filled days at Disneyland. What could be better than that?

Mark at the beach in Malibu:

Me at the beach:

The two of us:


Team Moceri:

Our "hotel":

Mark's wild ride:

Mark outside the cursed elevator in the Tower of Terror:

Me outside Thunder Mountain Railroad:

Mark's crazy post-roller coaster look:

It's a small world afterall:

Me with Sleeping Beauty's Castle in the background:

Mark eating a Mickey-shaped pretzel:

Me enjoying one of many churros:

Mark with a chocolate-covered banana (can you tell we enjoyed the snacks?):

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