Sunday, November 1, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

A timeline of events leading up to Halloween and "The Big Decision"

Early August: Max sees an Iron Man costume at Costco. He HAS to have it. Tears are shed. We go home sans costume.

Mid-August: While celebrating his birthday, Max is delighted to discover that Mom & Dad have purchased the Costco Iron Man costume. Vows of wearing it for Halloween are made.

Late August: Max is still wearing his Iron Man costume almost daily.

Early September: Target puts out their Halloween costumes. Max spies them, sees all the Star Wars characters and realizes he doesn't love Iron Man quite as much as he thought he did. Mom says it's too early to buy costumes because minds get changed too easily in our house. Tears are shed.

Late September: Mom is at Goodwill and spies a Power Ranger costume which she quickly buys, knowing that's what Max's cousin Blake wants to be. This makes Max really want a costume too. Mom breaks down and heads to Target for a Star Wars costume, where Max then decides on Wolverine instead. Vows are made not to change his mind. Promises are given that there will be no more requests for costumes.

Early October: Wolverine costume is being worn daily with the occasional hint of regret at his decision, mainly when he spies another costume in a shop.

Mid-October: Max rediscovers the astronaut costume he received last year for Christmas. He feels it needs some accessories, so he finds a pair of Mom's stretchy gloves, some white socks, a Mariners backpack and a clone trooper helmet, turning them into space gloves, space boots, a space pack and a space helmet. He's pretty pleased with his imaginative ways and decides it would be a good idea to Trick-or-Treat in this costume. He says he's going to wear his Wolverine costume to the Nintendo Halloween party that takes place a couple days before Halloween.

Week before Halloween: Astronaut is still the costume of choice. Wolverine seems to be losing steam.

Monday before Halloween: Wolverine is out. Iron Man is back in. Astronaut still on deck.

Thursday before Halloween: Iron Man goes to Nintendo. Sees a few boys dressed as ninjas. Astronaut may be in trouble.

Day before Halloween: Max and Mom work together to create a ninja costume using one of Dad's t-shirts for a mask, a pair of black pants, a long-sleeved black shirt, 2 scraps of black fabric for a belt and sword holder, a Batman sword, some black gloves, a ninja star cut out of black poster board and some black socks. Max thinks this is without a doubt the coolest costume he's ever seen.

Halloween: Ninja trick-or-treats. Astronaut and Wolverine go unworn.

Day after Halloween: Max has no regrets.

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