Monday, October 25, 2010

Activity Tree

This is my latest project that I finally finished after far too long. It's an 'evening activity tree'.
"A what?" you ask.
Here's the deal...every evening Mark gets home and the boys go into a near-panic trying to make sure they get to do what they want with him, which usually leads to one kid crying that that's not what he wanted to do, 'so and so always gets to pick the activity', blah blah blah. Not to mention their choices usually include some sort of video game or wrestling moves, which pretty much leaves me out. My solution...create a sweet little tree with days of the week on the branches and little "activity birds" hanging from said branches. That way, the boys know what to expect and I have a way to get the kids to take baths, do art and read Bible stories without much fuss. Or at least that's the plan. Tonight was our first night using it and what was on the branch? Video games.
Go figure.

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