Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Days!

We have been having a blast these last few snowy days and I finally got my camera out to shoot a few pictures. Today we spent the day with the Murfin-Paz and Bellabiod families. We had so much fun sledding down the hill right by our house.

Gus and Max are ready to head down the hill:

Down they go!

And back up they go:

Jack-Jack wasn't interested in the sledding, but he still had fun:

Can you see the sledders at the top of the hill?

Here they come:

Oops! Daddy & Max are heading for the ditch!

Nothing like cookies and hot chocolate after a cold day of snow play:

Here's Jack after everyone left:

Cozy and warm on his brother's lap:

There's no better place to be.
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