Saturday, April 7, 2012

Play Ball!

Baseball season is once again upon us and this year we have 2 boys to cheer on. Max moved up to Coach Pitch and is on the Pilots, while Gus is making his T-Ball debut on the Marlins (Max's team for the last 2 years). Today was the RUG Jamboree and both boys played practice games. Thankfully it was absolutely gorgeous weather!

Max was up first and kicked off the season as Catcher. He's playing on a genuine ball field now, so you'll have to pardon the chain link fence in all the shots.

He looks like a natural, don't you think?

Jack was in the stands cheering him on:

Gus and Daddy watching the game:

Max walking back to the dugout after the first inning:

Another "fan" shot:

Sorry for the lack of shots of Max playing. I took some video instead and haven't uploaded it to the computer yet.

After the game we got hot dogs and had lunch at the field.

This boy loves baseball. He's so happy to be playing again!

Zack, Amanda, Kaiden (Max's teammate this year and last) and baby Liam had lunch with us too:

A few hours later we were back at the park and ready to cheer Gus on in his first game. He was so nervous! He wanted to participate so badly, but he couldn't quite get up the nerve. Mark went out on the field with him to help him feel more comfortable. You can see him doing his "ready position" just to Mark's right.

He wouldn't bat the 1st or 2nd inning, but he finally did it in the 3rd.
Here he is telling Mark to stay right next to him:

A quick look at mom, trying to decide if he's really going to do this:

He made contact on his first swing!

Run Gus!

A high-five for Dad who was waiting for him at 1st base:

He walked the bases the rest of the way. Here he is taking his own sweet time to get to home plate.

He tagged the bag and gave me a big grin. He did it!! We were so proud of him.

Here's the happy boy after the game:

We're looking forward to a fantastic season cheering on both boys!
Play Ball!!
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