Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gus' Birthday Part 2: A Day at the Dog Park

Goodness, so sorry for the delay in finishing up these birthday posts! Life has been moving full speed for the past month and I've barely had time to catch my breath so this poor little blog has taken a major backseat.

Gus' birthday wish was to take his favorite dog, Charlie, to the dog park with two of favorite people, Paul and Charity (who happen to be Charlie's owners, so that worked out well). We are so grateful to the Oremlands for all the time they invest in our children and this was just one of the many amazing ways they show their love for our boys. They set aside an entire day just for Gus and it truly meant the world to him.

Here he is with Charlie:

Getting ready to throw the ball with Mr. Paul:

There's something about this photo that I just love:

Good throw Gus!

What a happy boy! What a special day!
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Charity O said...

What a great time we had! Paul was just saying this morning it is time to do another trip to the Park with Gus and Charlie!