Monday, October 15, 2012


Okay, first let me just get something out there...I'm lazy. There, I said it. Whenever I think about updating this blog, I think about how much easier it is to just put stuff up on Facebook and this little blog sits forgotten for months. I really do enjoy posting here, especially when I look back over the years and am reminded of so many small moments in our family's life that would otherwise be forgotten. I will try to do better!

Here are a few photos from our recent day trip to Leavenworth. Looking at these pictures you really wouldn't know that we're in Leavenworth, given that we failed to photograph anything remotely Bavarian, but trust me, we were there.

Max on his way into a bookshop, AKA his most-favorite place to go ever. That kid LOVES to read, which makes me so happy!

Gus on the bookshop balcony:

And we can't forget Jack:

These two aren't quite as enamoured with book stores, so they hung around outside and made silly faces:

Ice cream!

This is Jack's "I'm a trouble-maker and I will always demand my way" look. No, seriously. He's a trouble-maker and he always wants to get his way. And that's the look he gives me.

Something that made me so very happy was that right before we were going to head to Leavenworth, Gus asked if I would create bingo cards for them. I quickly scrambled to make some, complete with liederhosen, accordions and beer steins on them:

One thing we didn't get any photos of was the amazingly gorgeous fall colors on the drive through the mountains. At one point, looking at a particularly vibrant scene out the window, Max exclaimed, "Wow! It looks like Gryffindor threw up all over the mountain!"

And if you're on FB you've already heard that.
But it's still funny.
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