Wednesday, November 28, 2007

sick days

my poor boys are sick, especially little gus. he's got bronchitis and an ear infection. he's on his first-ever round of antibiotics. poor little one. hard to believe this sweet boy was sick, even when this photo was taken:

he is the sweetest little baby. i almost wish he would cry more so that i would know when something is really wrong. thank goodness i took him in to the doctor today. i had no idea he had an ear infection and it could have gotten a whole lot worse. sometimes i feel like i can really learn a lot from this tiny little boy. it is so easy to whine and complain about the smallest things and then here's this boy who is really sick but still smiling and trying his hardest to enjoy every moment he's awake. i wish i could capture just an ounce of his joy & hold onto it forever.

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