Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. This year has tested my loyalty, with our basement flooding and other such disasters. However, joy has triumphed and I'm loving watching how excited Max is about all things Christmas. He's a boy after my own heart.

A couple weeks ago we went to Swanson's Nursery and got Max his very own tree. He decorated it himself and it turned out very well. It now sits in his room where he admires it first thing every morning.

We also got our Christmas tree for our living room. We had planned to go cut it down, but on the day we set aside to do so, it was pouring rain. In fact, it was the next morning that our poor housemate, Brian, woke up to a totally flooded bedroom. Dealing with the clean-up of that mess led me to exclaim one evening, "I need a Christmas tree...now!" So we ventured out in the dark to a lot near our house and picked out a big, slightly crooked tree. Max had such fun running through the trees in the lot. It was great to get our minds off our basement and just enjoy our boys and this great time of year.

Hooray for trees and the joy they provide!

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