Thursday, February 28, 2008

No time for love

Max: What's that? (pointing to my wedding ring)
Me: That's my wedding ring. It means that daddy and I are married. Daddy gave it to me as a symbol that he loves me very much.
Max: Oh.
Me: Someday you'll meet a pretty girl and you'll give her a wedding ring.
Max: Um...I'm not sure 'bout that. I think I'm just gonna get a clock. You know, with numbers...that I can wear on my arm.
Me: Oh, you mean a watch?
Max: Yeah, a watch. I'm just gonna get one of those.
Me: You don't want to have a wedding ring someday and a wife who loves you?
Max: Nooo! I just want a watch, okay?
Me: Okay, but I think someday you might change your mind.
Max: Um no. I just need a watch.

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Jenn said...

So very funny. Don't you love the pure honest opinions of kids. We have one who asks everyone if they will marry her, yes pretty much everyone. Just as good as the smoking story:)