Thursday, April 10, 2008

Opening Day Starts with a BANG!

About a million bangs, actually. Yeah, there were fireworks after they announced every Mariner player and then a huge blast as they set out to "Play Ball!" What's the big deal, right? Nothing aside from the fact that Max is afraid, and by afraid I mean absolutely terrified, of fireworks. With every "BANG" and "BOOM" his hysterics reached new heights. Luckily I sent him on a hunt with Daddy to find a snack (who knew they had Auntie Annies at Safeco...Max's favorite snack), a drink and something funny to photograph which distracted him from the biggest blast at the end. Once the game started he warmed up to it quite a bit though. Gus did great. He just chilled on whoever's lap he happened to be on, taking in the sights. By the 4th inning the temperature had dropped at least 10-degrees and our kids were freezing so we bailed. We stepped outside the stadium just as it began to snow and it proceeded to dump on us right until we got to our car. Nice. All-in-all, not our most successful trip to the ballpark.

Our mellow fellow

Chillin' with Papa

A much more calm Max--thank you, Auntie Annes!

This is one tired kiddo.
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