Sunday, April 20, 2008

Why God Why?

So this weekend Mark and I left the boys at my parents so that we could head over to Bremerton & catch the Death Cab show. It was Gus' first time away from me overnight, but I wasn't too worried about him. It was Max who I was really concerned for. When I left he was clinging to my leg screaming "Don't go! I want to go with you! No Mommy!" Not an easy exit. I checked in about 10 minutes later & he was watching Curious George and had forgotten all about his moment of abandonment. When bedtime rolled around, however, it became quite clear that he had not forgiven me for leaving. When my mom asked him if there was anything he wanted to ask God for during prayers he said, "Ask Him why my mommy left me." OUCH.


Tera said...

OUCH is right! But I think it was totally worth it. One day, Max will look back and think, "Wow, my mom and dad are so cool, they went and saw Death Cab live in Bremerton!"

Jenn said...

Hey! You were probably blocks from our house! We didn't find out about the show until that night while we were in Seattle. Ironic. Just when something happens around here!
And kids...if you took all they said to heart....well ya know. Fiona still hasn't forgiven me for seeing Bon Jovi or Tori Amos without her(even though she wasn't even born last time I saw her!!!).