Thursday, August 21, 2008

Max turns 4

What a wonderful day we had celebrating Max's 4th birthday! It started with a trip to the pancake house (a family favorite) where we enjoyed lots of yummy food. Then at 11:30 Max had a robot birthday party, complete with a robot cake, robot decorations and a make-your-own-robot project involving marshmallows & pretzel sticks. We had a great group of friends & family here & Max really had a great time. After everyone left we spent the rest of the day playing with all kinds of new toys. Max LOVES his legos and spent a lot of time designing his own robots with his magnetic robot set. He insisted on changing into his Wall-E shirt and sleeping on his new Star Wars sheets. I think he truly loved and spent time with each and every one of his gifts. He is so grateful in that way. We are blessed daily with this amazing little boy and it was wonderful to have a chance to really celebrate him.

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