Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Boy Wonders

Max's curiosity and wonder continues to amaze me. He is such a thoughtful kid. Yesterday, in a span of maybe 10 minutes, he hit me with the following questions:

Why do we feel pain?

Why do people get old?

Why are some numbers old? - This one took me a minute to figure out. What he was asking was why numbers that are in the "larger picture" considered small, considered old when in reference to people. For example, 82 is considered quite "old" for a person, but compared to one million, it's a rather small number.

When is God going to make a new Earth?

When God makes the new Earth, will I rise up from the dead and live there?

Why is the word 'letter' made of letters?

I find that his questions have so much depth to them and there are so many layers to the answers I can give. I don't want to burden him with too many heavy concepts, but he seems to have such a deep understanding of the idea that we live in a world that, while beautiful, isn't quite right and that there is something greater yet to come. We had a good talk about science and how our nerves send signals to our brains, how our brains are like computers inside us, telling us what we need to do (or stop doing in regards to feeling pain). We talked about how our bodies grow and age until they reach their limit. We also talked about how when God first made us we lived in perfect bodies without pain or disease and how all that changed with Adam and Eve, but that things are being put back the way they should be, it just takes time and it's a timeline that we don't know or understand. Then, just like that, he says, "Can we play tickle fight?" and the discussion was over.

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