Thursday, January 27, 2011

Disneyland - Part 3: First Impressions

I've been dreaming of taking my kids to Disneyland for as long as I can remember. Some girls dream about their weddings, some wish for ponies, but for me, having a family to take to Disneyland was the ultimate dream. As we were waiting for the gates to open on that first day, I couldn't believe we were actually here, that I was about to walk down Main Street and see the big castle with my own children. Of course, before I was a mother I always imagined this day would include a little girl who would share my love of Alice in Wonderland and squeal at the sight of a "real life" castle. But as I waited there with my boys, those things didn't matter. This was their trip and I couldn't wait to see it through their eyes.
They certainly didn't disappoint.
From the moment we walked through those gates it was pure joy and loads of excitement from both boys. Walking down Main Street with wide eyes and gaping mouths, they pointed out every detail and tried to soak in all that they were seeing.
It was magic.
A dream come true.

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