Monday, February 28, 2011

Disneyland - Part 4: Max's Favorites

Max was just tall enough to ride every ride in Disneyland and he went on nearly all of them. He was most excited about riding Indiana Jones.
You can see the excitement in his eyes as he waits in line:

Another favorite was the Astro Orbiter.
Here's the riding spinning around at night (Max's favorite time to ride it):

And here's Max in front of it:

This is Max hysterically laughing as Gus and I nearly faint from fright on the HUGE ferris wheel in California Adventure. This was definitely one of his top 3 rides. The car we are in was on a sliding track so as we rounded the top, we slid and swung back and forth. It was terrifying! Max and Mark thought it was hilarious. Gus and I, not so much.
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