Saturday, March 5, 2011

Eva's Gift

Gus' best-buddy, Eva, turned 4 a few days ago and today we're going to her birthday party. When I asked Gus what he'd like to give her, he said he really wanted to bake her a cake. Eva's mom, Jessica, kindly agreed to let Gus provide the cake for the party and here's what he made:

He knew exactly what he wanted--Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Then he said it definitely need "beautiful sprinkles" because Eva likes beautiful things. He chose a #4 candle and then some pink and purple star candles for her to blow out. He then decided the cake needed a heart and a deer. I love how much thought he put into this gift. It seems so much more special than simply going out and picking a toy--although I couldn't resist buying her a dress! Hey--little girl birthdays are my only chance to shop on the "girl" side of a store. I have to take the opportunities when I can!

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Ada said...

Gus is very much like his mom - puts a lot of thought into his present. It was so beautiful as is his friend Eva.