Wednesday, September 2, 2009


One of the most popular Fort Stevens activities is bike riding. We were fortunate to be able to borrow Mark's parents' bikes so that we could go on rides with the kids. Max decided he wanted to try out his bike without training wheels. He gave it a really good shot, although he decided he wanted them back on so that he could go on loop rides and keep up with the other kids.

All the kids were really good about wearing their helmets. Sofie had hers on even when she wasn't riding, just in case some kids hopped on their bikes. She could join them in an instant with her always-ready style.

Here's Gus in his special "back seat" as he called it. He absolutely loved riding in this. Our neighbors loaned it to us and we are so glad they did. Gus never felt left out and Daddy got an extra workout with every ride!

Cool biker:

Melia shows off her biker-style too:

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