Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Max Turns 5

While we were camping, Max celebrated his 5th birthday. We actually had a small family celebration prior to leaving, so his birthday stretched out over a week, which he obviously loved. The first birthday activity was always a Johnson Family tradition so I was thrilled to pass it on to my own family. We hid Max's main present and then he had to hunt for it while we sang 'Happy Birthday'. The closer he got, the louder we sang. You can bet he was excited to find a big Millennium Falcon waiting for him!

After the hunt we headed to Ruby's Diner for breakfast with the family and more present opening. Max got a scooter to take to the beach:
He also got his very own "real" football, as he likes to call it:

The big hit was this Iron Man costume, which he pretty much wore for a week solid:

His cousin Blake came over after breakfast for some video game playing (which was actually part of Blake's birthday present from us back in July):

On his actual birthday we headed out to Camp 18 (a favorite destination when we're on the Oregon Coast) for breakfast -- can you see a theme here? Max is definitely an early-morning kid. Max enjoyed a yummy hot chocolate:

We all enjoyed this yummy, giant cinnamon roll!

Melia, Gus and Max played outside on all the fun stuff for quite awhile. Notice that when the Iron Man costume came off, Max had Wall-E pajamas on, another birthday gift from Ama & Papa:

Max wanted a Batman birthday, so everyone ate dinner on Batman plates. We ordered a Batman cake (which was just a sheet cake with a city scene on it since they were out of Batman toys. We added our own Batmobile to complete the look):

Max tends to get really introverted and shy when he's the center of attention, but this year when everyone was singing 'Happy Birthday' he simply couldn't contain his joy. He laughed out loud the entire time, much to the delight of Mark and I.

It's hard to believe our guy is 5 years old. The last 5 years have been the most challenging, rewarding, amazing years of our lives and we thank God everyday for such an incredible little boy.

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