Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baseball Guys

Recently, on a trip to Snapdoodle Toys, I came across the perfect toy for Max. Perfect because it caters so well to his detail-oriented personality. Baseball Guys, as they are rather uncreatively called, is basically a bunch of, well, baseball guys that you place on a felt field. It comes with two teams, both with defense and offense, an umpire and a scoreboard. We immediately had to make dugouts and over time Max realized he needed to add other missing elements such as field umpires, base coaches, a ball girl, a mascot, a bat boy, a foul pole, a fence and advertising. Yep, that's right, advertising. This kid means business when it comes to authenticity. Here's a few pictures of his creation:

He's so proud when it's all set up. And this is a very rare occasion because normally Gus comes through and knocks it all over before Max can finish. These are not the happiest moments in the Kaetzel household.

Here's the view from homeplate. Notice the Lincoln Log fence and the advertisements. Max actually had me draw out a conceptual sketch of what advertising we would have were our backyard to transform into a baseball field. Ads included Legos, Target, Coke, Toy Story 3 and more!

Here's Batman moonlighting as a base coach. Also note the "foul pole" or foam building block as it is also known. If you look in the dugout you'll see Pikachu who is filling the role of bat boy. Not pictured, Mario in a go-kart filling in as the Mariner Moose.

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