Thursday, June 3, 2010

To Market!

Today was the opening of our local farmers' market. It was a little disappointing honestly. There weren't as many vendors as in past years and they've moved it away from the park area, onto the street. But the ice cream lady was there and she had sweet cream caramel and rocky road today, so all was well in the end. We walked there (the boys did great!) and then Mark met us and drove us home. There were tons of kids which made me so happy to see and the boy had a total blast playing at the park.

This photo of Gus isn't the best since his eyes are just about to close, but I love how he has his hands in his pockets. That kid walked around like he owned the place.

See what I mean?! There's confidence in those steps!

This is Max doing his best to evade my camera--a very hilarious game apparently. He would get as close to me as possible and then try to turn and run before I got a shot. This is one of the lucky ones where I caught him from the front:

And this is Max doing his best to be wacky:

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