Friday, December 23, 2011

Jack's Birthday

Last year we had to cancel Jack's 1st birthday party due to the stomach flu. This year, we decided to give him a 2nd "1st" birthday party and guess what? Yep, the flu took us down again and the party was canceled. Thankfully we were able to reschedule it and give Jack a proper party.

Here's Jack on his actual birthday. That look on his face says, "A bike? For me?" Yes indeed, Jack is now the proud owner of a balance bike--a bike with no pedals so that kids can learn to scoot along on 2 wheels and focus on balancing before worrying about pedaling. He's still a bit nervous on it, but I imagine come summertime he'll be keeping up with his brothers, no problem.

Let's put this thing together:

Next present...

A Pillow Pet!

He couldn't be happier!

Every nap and sleep since then has been on his beloved doggy pillow.

Normally after our children turn 1, we don't do presents at birthday parties, but since Jack didn't get a 1st birthday party, we made an exception. He excitedly opened all his gifts, including this outfit from Mom-Mom and Grandad:

He then promptly took each and every present straight over to his Auntie Amy:

Present after present went right to her:

Veggie Tales Pirate Ship...right to Amy:

La La Loopsy Pirate doll, yep...right to her as well. It was so funny!

After presents we had mini cupcakes and milk, Jack's favorite thing. Jack was a bit nervous about blowing out the candles, so Mom & Gus filled in for him:

He certainly wasn't nervous about eating it though:

Mmmm...milk. Nothing better than that.

And to end the!

Eating pizza on the couch with your cousin? Yep, it's good to be 2.

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