Friday, December 2, 2011

Kicking off the Season

Yesterday after picking up Max from school, I decided to start December off with a festive trip downtown. The boys and I headed to the Seattle Center House to take a peek at the big model train and Victorian village that they put up every year. This was Jack's first time really seeing it and he absolutely loved it! He especially loved watching the hot air balloon go up, up and away. We were literally one of the only families there, so the boys got to take a good long upclose look at everything. They loved finding all the little details that they've missed in years past. I didn't get any photos, but I'm sure you get the picture. Little boys, trains, was adorable.

Next we took a ride on the Monorail. Again, no one was there so the boys got the pick of the train. They chose to sit in the very back and watch Seattle Center disappear.

When we got to Westlake Center we took a look at the big Christmas tree and the Macys star. Jack literally screamed with delight at the sight of it all. Max pointed out the carousel and said he'd like to go for a spin. Now, if you remember just a few short years ago when I tried to get him to ride it he screamed, like bloody-murder screamed, as though I was in fact trying to kill him by putting him on a horse. When he suggested we go for a ride I nearly fell over. Once again, we were the only people on the ride. It was great having no line and the pick of any horses we wanted. I had to laugh a little when we found the horses we wanted and I suggested Max take the big one and Gus take the small one. They both paused and then looked at each other as if reading one another's minds and quickly switched horses. I should have known my cautious 7-year old would prefer the safe, reasonably-sized black horse while my daring 4-year old would take nothing less than the huge brown horse that was too large for him to even reach the little stirrup thing that is meant to help you up.

Around and around we went.

Jack was pretty serious about that whole thing. At first I was worried he was going to panic when his horse began moving, but by the end he was saying, "more horse" over and over again.

After the carousel we headed into Starbucks to warm up a bit. I treated the boys to hot chocolate and these little mini whoppie pies that were only a $1. Gus thought getting the chocolate stuck in his teeth was hilarious and made him look like a pirate.

Max drank his peppermint hot chocolate the "grown up way", meaning without a straw. I love this photo of him for so many reasons. He's really growing up, becoming a city kid but he's still got that sparkle in those big brown eyes of his that say "at any moment I believe something magical could happen."

Gus loved watching the barista in action:

Jack wore his whoppie pie on his nose:

Before heading back to the monorail I told the boys I wanted to get a photo of them with the big tree. Pretty cute, right?

This is how most of them looked:

As I was taking the photos a man came up to me and said, "Hey Mom, do you know what's always missing from photos?"
"What's that?" I asked him.
"Mom" he replied and then kindly offered to take a photo for us.
I have to admit my first thought was, "please don't steal my camera," but he was just a genuinely nice man who captured a wonderful moment for me.

I love the holidays. More than that, I love spending it with my three fabulous boys for whom I am so unbelievably grateful.

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Mom said...

How lucky these boys are to have YOU as their mom. These adventures will always be in their "treasury of wonderful memories"!

Love you,