Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gus Goes to School

Last week Gus started preschool which was super-stressful for me because he's been so clingy to me lately. I was having visions of him screaming when I tried to leave him, holding onto my leg with a death grip. When he woke up that first morning he was really quiet and nervous, but he was so excited to wear his new orange shirt and shoes and his owl backpack, so when I brought those things out he started warming up to the idea of going. He eagerly put everything on and posed for a couple photos outside:

Big Brother Max lead the way as we walked to school. Max kept reassuring Gus that he didn't need to be nervous because he'd show him what to do, since he was an expert on preschool. Gus was walking happily, talking about how excited he was. Mark and I kept exchanging nervous, hopeful glances that perhaps he would go in without any trouble.

As we approached the school his whole demeanor changed and he got really clingy and sad again. Mark and I tried being really enthusiastic but he wasn't buying it. He reluctantly walked in the door:

And this is where our photos end because sure enough, the crying and leg clinging began. It was so hard to leave him, but his teachers said once we were gone he was just fine. Day 2 involved more crying, but by Day 3 he was happily running in the door, giving me a goodbye kiss and wandering off to play. Thank goodness!
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