Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Virginia Lee Bidinger: 1927-2010

Pilgrim Pathways
by Virginia Lee Bidinger
I walked with God on the mountain,
and breathed celestial air.
His glory and His majesty,
Were about me everywhere.
I walked with God thru the pages,
Of His Holy Living Word.
My soul drank in each truth divine,
And I delighted in my Lord.
I walked with God to Calvary,
But there He hid His face.
And I watched alone as His sinless Son,
Was dying in my place.
And then one day God came
And took me by the hand.
He said, "there is yet something
You do not understand."
He took me down a path of fire,
Where I had never been.
I felt the breath of satan's hosts,
The hate and wrath of sin.
I could no longer see Him,
So fierce the fire was now.
But He held me closely to His heart,
And soothed my trembling brow.
And then I knew what happened there,
That day at Calvary.
The Savior took my death and hell,
That God might walk with me.
So it matters not what path I tread,
He leads me gently o'er,
And at the end my Savior waits,
To welcome me on Heaven's shore.
Welcome Home, Grandmom.

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